Wish List

Here are some things we could really use: 

  • Gift cards are great! Lowe’s, Home DepotMichael’sJerry’s Artarama , Dick Blick
  • Acrylic paint – the 500ml size of Lukas from Jerry’s here
  • Canvases – like these from Jerry’s, especially the 12×16 size (25pack)
  • Matte Medium, Liquitex….the gallon size is fantastic
  • Sketchbooks, blank, spiral, 7×10….like this
  • Watercolor paper
  • Good quality paintbrushes – Flats and Rounds
  • Fabric and sewing supplies
  • Reading glasses (2.0 and stronger)
  • Bike rack for outside
  • Bottled water and other drinks for fridge
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies
  • Paper cups for coffee (not styrofoam)
  • Art Books (especially books on artists)
  • Paper Towels
  • Large Black Garbage Bags
  • Supplies for bathroom (TP, hand soap)
  • Old record albums (we have a vintage turntable)
  • Yarn, Crochet Needles, Knitting Needles

Used Items:

  • Styrofoam trays (for palettes)
  • Large yogurt containers (for water)
  • Old books and papers (pattern paper is super cool)
  • Cool stuff for weaving (twine, etc.)
  • Bowling Balls, bird baths/houses, old garden statues (anything we can mosaic for the garden)
  • Wood that we can paint on
  • Fun garden art

Do you have a closet full of art supplies you purchased for a class or on a whim and now know you’ll never use them?  Pass them to us…we will put them to good use.