Art Saves Lives

Art changes lives….this is true in so many ways. Let us introduce you to artists of all genres who have each agreed to answer the question “How has art impacted your life?” We are so thankful to the talented “Friends of Backstreet” for encouraging the arts and supporting our efforts.

Corinne Galla

“I started painting when I was 52 years old. Oh, my parents had sent me to oil painting lessons back when I was about 10, but even at $1 a lesson they really couldn’t afford it…so let’s fast-forward to today. I’m twelve years down the road from that woman who began again at age 52. I live my art every day. Sometimes at night when I’m falling asleep I’ll say to myself, “Let’s go to sleep and dream about art.” And I do dream, and think, and paint every day. Sometimes I know I have so much catching up to do because I got that late start that I can’t envision a time when I’ll be satisfied I’ve tried it “all.” I am living the life I have always wanted to have.”

Corinne Galla Studios

Dayna Miles

“So often when someone watches me create a piece of beadwork art with hundreds of tiny seed beads, I hear the comment “how do you have the patience to work with such fine detail?” What they don’t understand is that my art is a therapeutic and meditative process that gives me patience for other aspects of my life. It allows me to lose myself where I become someone else besides mother, wife, daughter or whatever other hat the day requires me to wear. My art is a healing balm to my spirit and allows me to maintain my identity as an individual.”

Martin Pate

“Many of my favorite paintings tell a story. Sometimes that story deals with strong emotions…sometimes it’s much quieter and softer and other times the work illustrates specific events or cultures in our past. Whatever the case, I’m thankful everyday that I have the ability and privilege to share those stories and emotions with others through my paintings and drawings. ”


Peter Tudhope

“As a shy creative child, resistant to pressure and frustrated by conformity, art gave me a way to express a suppressed energy with passion. It gave me a focus and a long-term emotional equilibrium.”

Peter Tudhope


Kathleen Warren

“Learning how to make public art has impacted my life by adding layers to how I see my city and the cities I visit. There is a greater appreciation for the uncelebrated process behind the art that exists, as well as a constant and obsessive vision for art that could exist, where it currently does not.”

Kathleen Warren


Molly Rose Freeman

“Art gives me a personal language to express myself, process emotions, and investigate ideas. It brings color and mystery into my life.”


Brent Walker

“I struggled with addiction since my teens and despite numerous attempts, was never able to stay clean. Today I have almost 10 years of freedom from the substances that were killing me. The only difference between this attempt and the others is that this time I found purpose through photography.”

David Boyd, Jr.David Boyd, Jr

“Painting showed me who I was in this world… before that I was lost.”

Christine CassanoChristine Cassano

“Art has offered me a way to discover who I truly am. It’s provided me with courage to express my ideas while gaining an extraordinary and ever-expanding view of the world around me.”


Kim Ramey

“Making art has helped me sort through my emotions in the darkest times of my life. I cannot imagine life without it and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience creating art in many forms, whether they can afford it or not. Throughout my life, artists have encouraged me in my art making and I hope I can do the same for others. For me, art is a vital part of living.”

Kim Ramey, Director and Dreamer  at Backstreet Arts.